Desk Goals

Him: What are you doing your next post on?

Me: My desk

Him: (straight face) wow..

Me: No, seriously..

January 1 part 2

So, 2018, it’s a new year and what better way to start the new year off then getting motivated and planning your goals for the coming months. For me, my desk is my new obsession. I can sit on Pinterest and spend hours scouring through desks and home office inspo. Now especially if you have a hobby (example: blogging) or work from home, sometimes we all love those duvet days but for me, to create something good I need a quiet spot surrounded by stationary, organisation, books and candles – we can’t forget the candles.

I think for anyone who requires to do some sort of work from home, it is important to create an inspiring work space to aid your work, whatever it may be. You should be able to envision yourself in this space, and more importantly achieve in this space! I personally get so much from surrounding myself with all that I strive towards and what I really enjoy, this could be in a form of a mood board or simple things that create an atmosphere you enjoy. For example even though I am a newbie to the blogging game I am loving it, so apart from the cosy and ornamental bits I have a whole stack of the Blogosphere Magazines, and publications that inspire me. As well as displaying my camera and books, I literally cannot wait to come home and set up shop and get some ideas out, it has become my ‘me’ time.


January 1 part 4


My desk is still a work in progress – it’s a new edition as of christmas, thanks to my other half,  but I am going to share with you all my desk inspo and ideas so you can create your own little haven. If you don’t already, I definitely recommend using Pinterest, especially if you are unsure about the style you are trying to adopt, Pinterest will help you out there. Be disciplined, seeing 100 styles you like can be overwhelming just breath you’ll get through it. I really enjoy the simple, and clean desk displays with the basics on display, (laptop, magazine, candle.. anymore more and OCD kicks in). Then on the surrounding shelving or add-on unit (if necessary) I have all my display pieces and accessories.

Like I previously mentioned, keep things that inspire you in view. If it’s beauty to fashion to cars, invest in some good quality prints or art work and frame it. My biggest tip and maybe the hardest is don’t over do it, there is nothing worse then sitting down to a cluttered and claustrophobic space. This is really easy to do so just take a step back every now and then or take a photo and see it from a different angle. If you are really set on achieving some big goals in 2018, make your vision board and stick somewhere you will see everyday. That way if you’re having that ‘uhhhh’ day you can see your visions and that will kick start you into work mode, let’s achieve greatness this year, you ready?


January 1 part 3









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