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What is Hygge?

I recently briefly touched upon the word Hygge in my winter reads post, so today we are going to hone in a little bit on Hygge and explore what it means and how we can achieve it. The whole concept of hygge makes me sooo happy, it’s pretty much taking that feeling we all love at christmas and implementing it into our everyday lives with warming hints and gestures. Hygge [Hue-gah] is a Danish word with no specific english translation, it’s more of a feeling or the association we have with a feeling. Like the feeling you get when it’s raining outside, and you’re cosy indoors wrapped up in a blanket, maybe watching your favourite Harry Potter film (The chamber of secrets #JustSaying); with a cup or hot chocolate and a few cheeky marshmallows. There might be a fire going if you really want to push the boat out.. but you get the gist?

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I’ve always loved that feeling, that is probably why I am borderline obsessed with christmas, but I never knew it went beyond just feeling cosy. Well, to my delight I heard about: The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking as I am sure you have too and instantly decided I wanted it. The Danes created this word describing a whole concept to live your life by laying significance on daily happiness. I love reading it, it’s a great book if you don’t want to commit yourself; you can pick it up whenever you get a spare minute. For a lover of interiors, reading it is very visual and inspiring. You will start to envision all sorts of area’s in your home. To the Dane’s Hygge is a huge aspect of measuring happiness, and so a lot of what they do is focused around it. Although they created this word, it is of course attainable and felt world-wide, this book just helps to define and achieve it a little better.

Hygge in your home

Creating it doesn’t require a huge amount of effort, just a little thought and patience. Envision what you want your living room or bedroom to encompass and work over time achieving it. One of the quickest and easiest ways to achieve hygge is candles, this instantly mellows the mood, warming the room with a low light glow. Having lanterns and candle’s dotted throughout the house gives an immediate richness to the space, making you and everyone in it feel good. The opposite to achieving a cosy space is having a white light LED, lower the mood with candles and lamps as opposed to one main lighting source. Indoor or outdoor warm white fairy/string lights also works really well. My bed is covered in them which is perfect if you want to wind down before bed and calm your brain. Now I realise fire places are a litttttle harder to obtain, but if you just so happen to own one, light that bad boy. Then toast marshmallows and love life.

January 3.1

Along with candles, a house can never have too many blankets. 1 blanket per every comfy chair seems like a justifiable ratio. A Harry Potter marathon, brownies and a blanket sounds like a party to me. We all have our chill-out spot at home, whether you have to fight the rest of the house for the one seater or the corner part of the ‘L’ sofa, make it comfortable. If you find yourself nodding off: you’re doing a good job. Create a social hub in your house, somewhere everyone can be comfortable. When you’re hosting or just having a social evening you want a spot that can cater to a number of people without restricting what you can do.

On that note pay attention to who is in your life, who and what you surround yourself with will dramatically affect your life. Remember, The Law of Attraction; what you put out you receive back. Keep people around you that inspire you. When you are around people who talk about their goals, you can see their motivation and passion, it’s contagious and the easiest way to get excited about a goal you’ve set. I’d rather have a conversation with a group of people about everything they are planning to achieve than everything they can’t or won’t.

I have recently mentioned this in my last post, Desk Goals, but your work space is a major way you can interpret hygge into your life. I have loveeed creating this space, not only to get work done but most importantly I enjoy spending time there. Just having this space at home has made me want to sit down and crack on with whatever tasks I have to do. This also helps with creating a boundary with being able to work at home without sitting in bed or in front of the TV and risk getting distracted.

It’s been so cold over the last month, that I have made quiet a healthy hot chocolate and tea collection. When I say healthy I am referring to the amount I have accumulated, there are no health benefits in this sentence whatsoever. Having a collection of hot drinks and fancy mugs is a great way to create a warming essence at home. You bound to have a proactive and productive day when you are armed with tea and a plate of biscuits or three.

Though everyone’s taste for comfort and cosiness is different, I have tried to recommend idea’s instead of styles, that way you can put your own spin on it and keep to the style you have already adopted for your home. I hope you have found this helpful, being comfortable at home is so important.  If you have any other recommendations feel free to share and let me know.








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      Hey! thanks for your comment, I know right?! it’s defo one of my top three favourite books right now – I can’t say no to anything hygge il read it this morning with a cup of tea xx

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