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So I’ve been in the blogging game for little under 6 months now, I recently read WordPress powers 30% of the internet. 30%!! Like myself, more and more people are jumping on the blogging bandwagon, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. So I thought I would write a post about my top 5 apps for newbie content creators, by a newbie. These apps focus on planning and inspiration. I’m going to dedicate a whole other post for the photography side of things.




My top recommendation! I first came across Planoly on Lisa Parigi’s Website, at this point, I was just setting up my new instagram account for this blog. I’ve been out of the gram game for about 5 years and things have changed a bit since then. But as I wanted my insta to have a professional feel to it, I liked the idea of having a grid planner. You are able to see if images really work together and if they are in keeping with your theme, should you choose to have one, before you post.

You can download the app or visit your account via your desktop – if you want to really sit down and figure things out. They offer basic analytics for your account, with the option to upgrade your plan to receive a more in-depth analysis. I would say see how you get on with the basic version as its likely your traffic will be minimal in the early stages. One of the features I find really useful is the filler photo options, a great stand in if you want to block out a spot you’re saving but haven’t got the image yet. I love it, it just pulls your whole grid together instead of just working with the next immediate photo.

They recently rolled out auto posting, so you can now post directly through them otherwise it’s a quick paste and post option. Which works just as well tbh. You will need to have a business account on insta and a business Facebook to link. Lastly they aren’t just a one trick pony which is why I love them. They have tonsss on information and resources on their instagram and blog . They regularly host Live sessions explaining all the latest features across social media and break down marketing and media in a simple and quick way. www.planoly.com


5 apps for content creators


So from a motivational point of view Bloglovin is great. All the blogs you like in one place. You can save, like and follow blogs. Which means if you are having a period of writers block sometimes it helps to just step away and have a read of posts to reignite the spark. It’s simple to use and, for the most part, simple to link your blog. In my case my link/code wasn’t being picked up because of my particular theme and how my homepage is laid out.  I managed to figure it out after a while – if you’re having the same problem try putting the code into your excerpt (if you have one). Then delete the whole post once it’s done. don’t worry if that sounds confusing, I was there too. You’ll get it if it’s relevant…

I haven’t really started to think about pushing my profile on bloglovin. I think it might take a bit of work to pick up followers on there. Especially as newbies in the game. If I start to work that side of things maybe I’ll do an updated post and tell you how it was.



If you’ve started a blog or any project and you don’t have dropbox, gurrrrl. JK, I only recently got it back since uni. But it is a life and time saver. If there are pictures you need to get from your laptop to your phone or phone to your iPad, get it! Instead of emailing from thousands of different devices just a few clicks and you can pick it up from wherever. Just make sure you have the app installed; also available for your desktop or just visit the website and log in. simples.



Hashtag Apps

If like most people you already have an Instagram account and probably had it for some time you can skip this one. This one is for the people who have zero following and need to get their content out to an audience. With all the different algorithms and conspiracies behind how much reach your posts can get, you need to find the popular hashtags and push your content. Some people will say use all 30 spots available others will say limit yourself to a few for a clean post. I’d say for the first few posts go hashtag crazy. Get your content out there then maybe pull back or edit the caption, removing some of the tags.

There are loaads of apps available. You just need to do some research and find the best reviewed with a decent amount of users. Search for a category relatable to your post and copy the relevant hashtags.




I’ve really enjoyed the photography side of blogging more then I had anticipated. Partly because I have found so much inspiration, on the big wide web – particularly Pinterest. I can sit happily on Pinterest scrolling the different categories of flatlay, figuring out the angles and edits. Reproducing your own shots and seeing a final product is rewarding, even if the photo’s are shit. Practice different set ups, natural lighting will always work wonders, especially as most of us won’t have access to box lights and backdrops. whatever photo editing programme you choose to use or invest in, watch good old youtube to school you on the basics and you’re away.


I hope this has helped create a bit of structure in the endless to do list for any newbie bloggers. Feel free to leave other app recommendations, I’m all ears eyes.







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